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Ignite Change for Endo!

Be a Catalyst for Transformative Impact in the Lives of Those Touched by Endometriosis.

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Your Contribution Ignites Tangible Change in the Endometriosis Landscape.

Endo Black, Incorporated proudly stands as a black-women-led nonprofit organization passionately advocating for African American women and women of color living with endometriosis.

Our guiding philosophy centers around active engagement, education, and encouragement for our endo sisters. We strive to connect African American women and women of color affected by endometriosis, providing the community with accurate, enriching, and valuable resources while steadfastly fighting for health equity.

Based in Oxon Hill, MD, Endo Black, Inc., offers a secure space for African American women and women of color. Physically rooted in the DMV Area, our influence has rapidly expanded through online platforms, reaching communities in New York, Georgia, Florida, Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan, California, and globally to Canada and London. This expansive reach has enabled us to connect with and support thousands of African American women and women of color, fostering a sense of community and solidarity that transcends borders.


  1. Create a supportive atmosphere through a designated safe space.
  2. Foster endo-sisterly love, genuine bonds, and friendships.
  3. Provide opportunities for education on women’s reproductive health in the African American community.
  4. Encourage dialogue around necessary policy, law, and regulation changes to meet the needs of women affected by endometriosis.

Program Overview: Endo Black, Inc., remains dedicated to implementing programs that focus on enhancing a safe environment, health equity, and the educational well-being of the local community.

E.B. Program Targets: Four program targets are tailored to advance the mission of Endo Black, Incorporated, with four commitments to sustainable service:

  1. Changing the Narrative (Risk Factors & Pain Management)
  2. Health Equity and Racial Injustice
  3. Women's Reproductive Health and Wellness
  4. Social Impact

Within these program targets, we offer a comprehensive array of services, all made possible through your support:

  • Ambassador Program: Enlist women volunteers to play pivotal roles in committees, driving concrete changes in the fight against endometriosis.
  • Support Networks: Join our virtual and in-person support networks, fostering unity and shared commitment.
  • Resource Allocation: Access practical resources to navigate the challenges posed by endometriosis effectively.
  • Informative Workshops: Engage in enlightening sessions addressing the intersection of racial disparities in health for African Americans and the challenges posed by endometriosis.
  • Community Engagement: Attend dynamic community events and speaking engagements, contributing to increased awareness and understanding of endometriosis.
  • In-Depth Discussions: Contribute to focus groups with patients and medical professionals, actively shaping the narrative and direction of endometriosis awareness and care.

Your support is pivotal in igniting tangible and lasting changes for those affected by endometriosis. By donating to Endo Black, Inc., you actively contribute to the empowerment and well-being of countless women. Join us in propelling impactful shifts in the journey towards a better future. Your generosity makes a meaningful difference. Thank you for being a catalyst for change.